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During the cooler weather climate and the  warm summer months in NZ, louvres can be a lifesaver. When you’re desperate for ways to beat the heat or keep the cool out, you have plenty of options, such as pools and beaches – but wouldn’t it be great if your home were also a cool, comfy reprieve? Adding a louvre roof in NZ or even louvre shutters. Read more

If you are tired of only being able to use your outdoor space in ideal weather conditions, you should contact our team about louvres in Auckland. Louvred roofs can turn seasonal outdoor spaces into year-round indoor-outdoor rooms. Whether it’s a patio space, a poolside hangout or a deck/porch that you don’t use enough, Louvre Concepts can help. Read more

Are you thinking about installing louvre roof systems over outdoor living spaces around your home? Patios, porches, decks and even spots out by the pool can benefit greatly from having a louvred roof installation. At Louvre Concepts, we can help you bring these benefits to your property affordably and reliably. Read more. 

When you have an outdoor space that you'd like to enjoy more often throughout the year, aluminium louvres can provide an ideal solution. A louvred roof can create a whole new area for outdoor cooking, al fresco dining, or for a pleasant spot to sit in the mornings and evenings. Read more.

Would louvre roofs make a good addition to your property? One of the most popular concepts in home design today is the flow between the indoors and the outdoors, blending these two spaces to create a feeling of "oneness" between them. For homeowners, achieving that kind of flow often allows for the complete utilisation. Read more. 

Louvre Concepts Can install a Louvered Pergola in Your Outdoor Spaces

Louvre Concepts helps our clients take control of their outdoor spaces with shuttered roofs such as a louvred pergola. Don’t let the rain or the harsh rays of the sun keep you from enjoying your outdoor areas year-round. Our motorised louvre shutters even come with a rain sensor to automatically close when the weather takes a turn. Read more. 

Louvre Concepts Will Design and Install a Custom Louvre Roof in Christchurch 

Louvre Concepts dedicates itself to helping our clients transform their outdoor spaces to allow greater year-round use with a louvre roof in Christchurch. Made from the world’s purest aluminium, they will keep both the harshest rays of the sun and the strongest downpour of rain at bay. With our competitive pricing and experience. Read more. 

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